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 Is .ae hosting limited to Etisalat.ae ?

No, .ae "dot ae" domain names are not restricted to be hosted in Etisalat.ae, however,...

 Can I run a PHPBB forum (message board) on my site?

Absolutely! In fact we've pre-installed it for you. PhpBB is free, open source software for...

 How much does domain registration cost?

You may find out our prices here: http://www.ucg.ae/Domain-Name/Registration.htm

 How to add SPF record from WHM?

Please refer to this to understand what is SPF: http://openspf.org Once you know what SPF...

 Can I purchase SSL from any other company and install it on my UCG.ae account?

Yes, you can purchase SSL from any company you like. For purchasing SSL, CSR (Certificate...